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Norwegian Uncyclopedia?Endra

Please read en:Uncyclopedia:Multilingual coordination#Norwegian, give your contribution to the discussion there, saying also whether your site is in Norwegian, or in Bokmål, or in Nynorsk.

Laurusnobilis 23. jul 2007 kl. 14:54 (UTC)

Lag ein wiki!!!!Endra



Æ har ein ide'! it's time for one in nynorsk, or what? What if we do this bokmål&riksmål to nynorsk&riksmål? What?

ikkjepedia.wikia.com and ikkjepedia.orgEndra

Dear all, we are the admins from zh.uncyclopedia.wikia.com. We'd like to ask what are the differences between these two sites, and is it OK to link interwiki no: to here and nn: to ikkjepedia.org? --Leeyc0 7. november 2009 kl. 14:34 (UTC) ¨

Hello. In Norway there are two sorts of Norwegian language. We got "nynorsk" and "bokmål". This site is written in "nynorsk", while the .org site is written in bokmål. I guess it's all right to put up a link. --Origo 7. november 2009 kl. 15:39 (UTC)

Hi .zh! Your interwiki no: and nb: should link til ikkepedia.org (not ikkjepedia.org which is a new, inactive nynorsk uncyclopedia). --Jaff 7. november 2009 kl. 18:57 (UTC)
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